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The canoeing and kayaking outfitters of Nunavut will take you on trips through the majestic wilderness...

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Follow in the footsteps of the original Voyageur who ventured by birch-bark canoe and rugged back-breaking portages across Canada's vast northland. Learn the basics and essentials of canoe or kayak paddling as well as wilderness camping techniques while traveling through Nunavut.

Experienced guides, expedition quality equipment and delicious menus ensure that your expedition is outstanding.

From day tripping to expedition-style trips you can discover Nunavut like you've never seen it before..

You can learn more about canoeing and kayaking outfitters by clicking on the individual outfitter "name links" below for details and rates information.

The location of each outfitter is shown for your convenience.

Bathurst Inlet - Nunavut

A visit to Bathurst Inlet Lodge offers extraordinary experiences in a wild and ruggedly beautiful land, yet provides a level of personal comfort rarely found in such remote areas. You'll be lodged in a historic Hudson's Bay Trading Post and Oblate mission which have been transformed into a haven for naturalists. Each room is carefully outfitted for comfort, decorated with photos or northern art. - American Plan Dining

Equipment for sea-kayaking is available, and can be transported to the lake or river of your choice, or to Bathurst Inlet, which is one of the best sea-kayaking destinations in the North.

Or, come paddle, raft, or kayak our beautiful rivers over rolling tundra, through rocky gorges and sparse treeline forest, past winding sandy eskers and high rocky ridges to Great Slave Lake, Hudson Bay, or to the Arctic Ocean. We'll help you develop a trip to suit your own skills, time schedule, and can supply anything you may need from canoes to communications equipment.

Winnipeg - Manitoba

Wilderness Spirit offers guided canoeing adventures in the pristine Canadian Shield and arctic wilderness of Manitoba and Nunavut Territory.
Whether its the Bloodvein river or the Seal river these Canadian Heritage Rivers are what dreams are made of. A Hayes river excursion carries paddlers back to the birth of Canada's fur trade at York Factory. A week on the wilderness whitewater Pigeon river is a whitewater paddler's dream.

Novice paddlers will enjoy canoeing instruction on the Manigotagan river or paddling one of our beautiful Canadian Shield lakes. We specialize in developing wilderness experience suitable for your entire family. Our expeditions are equipped with Satellite phones for your peace of mind!

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Travel in safety and comfort with a Nunavut outfitter to enhance your enjoyment as you explore Canada's great outdoors by canoe or sea-kayak.

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