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The canoeing and kayaking outfitters of Canada will take you on memorable trips through the majestic wilderness...

atving adventures

Follow in the footsteps of the original Voyageur who ventured by birch-bark canoe and rugged back-breaking portages across Canada's vast northland. Learn the basics and essentials of canoe or kayak paddling as well as wilderness camping techniques while traveling through the Canadian wilderness areas from B.C. to the Atlantic coast.

The outfitters of Canada are pleased to assist with all your supplies and equipment needs. Experienced guides, expedition quality equipment and delicious menus ensure that your expedition is outstanding. Whether you are planning a kayaking or canoeing trip there is an outfitter waiting to help.

You can learn more about our canoeing and kayaking adventures and outfitters by selecting a Canadian province or territory below.

Travel in safety and comfort with a Canadian outfitter to enhance your enjoyment as you explore Canada's great outdoors by canoe or sea-kayak.

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country wide outdoor adventures.

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